Your clients and prospects are online right now looking for the products and services you offer. Will you step aside and let them find your competitors over you?

Search Engine Optimisation

If you’re tired of your website not making money for your business then it’s time to have it optimised and turned into an asset rather than an expense with an SEO service that works.

SEO or Search engine optimisation is the technical term for ranking, or gaining favourable positions, in Google and other search engines. Simply put, it means more people will find you online when searching for the products or services that you offer, before they find your competitors.

With 13 years of experience in creating and optimising websites we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to improving the search engine position of websites.  Rather than following what others say, or what other companies do, our SEO services are based on what we KNOW works through continuous and extensive testing on our own websites.

No waiting 6-9 months for results, no long-term contracts and we only ever use “white-hat” methods to ensure we conform to search engine guidelines.

If you don’t see any improvement within 8 weeks we will work for free until you do – and we’ve never had to do this so far.

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How SEO Will Improve Your Business

  • Improve Your Presence on Major Search Engines
  • Increase Brand Awareness Online
  • Reduce Your Advertising Costs
  • Increase Visitors to Your Website
  • Turn More Visitors into Customers
  • Increase Your Profits

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Your Competitors Are Doing It

SEO is the fastest growing industry on the internet and it’s not slowing down any time soon.  Businesses of all sizes are now spending more and more of their advertising budget on attracting new customers online, simply because it works, and that includes your competitors.  If you’re not moving forward and improving your search position, you’re losing ground to a competitor who is.  Don’t be left behind.

Your Customers Buying Habits Have Changed

If a potential customer of yours requires a product or service that you offer then they will no longer ask family or friends for a recommendation or look in a newspaper or directory.  Research has shown that people are now turning to search engines to provide them with the information they require when considering a purchase.  You need to be found on the first page when they do because 70% of search users NEVER go past the first page of results.

Advertise 24/7

The beauty of having a website positioned high in search engines is that it is always there no matter what time of day or night a potential customer carries out research for a product or service you offer.  You no longer need to rely on catching the right person at the right time as is the case with traditional advertising. When people are ready to buy, they carry out an online search so you need to ensure they FIND YOU before your competitors.

High ROI

SEO continues to increase in popularity because of it’s low costs and high return on investment when compared to other forms of advertising or marketing.  Research has shown that the number one position in search engine results receives 33% of clicks so achieving this with a well planned SEO campaign can be extremely lucrative.

Better than PPC advertising

While PPC can be good when it comes to getting instant traffic it doesn’t come close to the traffic generated by a good SEO campaign.  Research has shown that the organic results in search pages are trusted by users more than sponsored ads.  Studies have proved that 85% of clicks goes to the organic results while only 15% goes to Ads such as Google Adwords.

Targeted Advertising

SEO is the only form of advertising/marketing that puts your business, product or service in front of potential customers at the exact moment they are looking to make a buying decision.  There’s no need to convince them that they need your services or product, they have already made that decision and are looking for the best option to do business with.  Just being there when they are looking gives you a huge advantage over competitors.

Make your website work FOR you

We find that all too often businesses presume that spending a lot of money on a nice website automatically means they will get customers from the internet and are often left disappointed with their web designer who promised them a good Google presence.  Your website needs to be promoted consistently to achieve good results, it’s not enough to just have a website if nobody can find it.  We turn your website from an expense into an investment that makes you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWe're ranking well if you type our business name in, isn't that good enough?

    No.  You need to target the many people that don’t already know about you and not those that already do.  When someone makes their decision to buy a particular product or service they will go to Google to research businesses that offer what they need.  They will search by keyword rather than a business name. For example if they need a plumber in Edinburgh they will search for “Plumbers Edinburgh” rather than “Pete’s Plumbing Co.”.

  • q-iconIs SEO not just adding some keywords in the right places?

    Well no, your web designer might tell you this but in reality it’s not the case, although a few years ago this used to work pretty well.  This is our speciality so we are constantly testing what does and does not work.  Search engines are pretty smart now and can tell when someone is simply stuffing keywords into their pages.  It’s actually likely to get you an over-optimisation penalty and see your website banished to page 5 and beyond.

  • q-iconI've been burned in the past, how can I be sure it won't happen with you?

    Unlike some other SEO companies who only do client SEO, we do our own testing on sites of our own so that we know exactly what works and what doesn’t and we can then apply this to the work we do for clients.  We operate on 30-day rolling contracts, no lengthy contracts with us and no waiting 6-9 months on results. It’s our opinion that anyone that tells you this does not have confidence in their own ability and would be best avoided.

  • q-iconCan we not just do SEO as a one off then forget it?

    You could, however if you want to keep the rankings you achieve then you will need a continuous SEO campaign to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.  If you do a one off then the chances are the competitors that are doing a continuous SEO campaign will overtake you in the search results eventually.  You may achieve short term wins but SEO is a long term business strategy with huge ROI once results are achieved.

Achieving Results & Helping You Grow

We have achieved exceptional results for clients over the years, from local businesses to ecommerce stores targeting WORLDWIDE keywords.  We use our expertise, knowledge and skills to ensure your business is found before your competitors which drives more traffic, leads and sales to your business.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business and Crush The Competition?

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