Get immediate traffic and enquiries from your website with a Google Adwords campaign set up by an Adwords Professional.  An excellent way to boost your business and get instant customers.

Pay Per Click – Google Adwords Management

If your business needs instant customers then PPC advertising is one of the quickest and most effective ways to attract new business and is the ONLY way to guarantee your business will show up on the first page of Google.

We’ve found that many businesses that have previously set up Adwords themselves are often left frustrated by the lack of results they get and often say it’s something that doesn’t work.  However, the problem is that Adwords is much more complicated than creating an ad and adding a list of keywords (which will result in your budget being drained away very quickly for very little return).

An Adwords campaign set up properly from the start and managed month-to-month will see exceptional results and return on investment.

If your Adwords campaign isn’t utilising any of the following then you will be paying more than you should be per click:  One landing page on your website for each Ad, an Ad Group and several ads for each keyword and related keywords, conversion tracking, use of extensions, remarketing – And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re unhappy with your current results then get in touch today for a free PPC Audit and let us show you how we can reduce your cost per click while still increasing the position of your Ads.

Alternatively, take a look at our Lead Generation Website Leasing option for instant enquiries.

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How Managed PPC Will Improve Your Business

  • Increase Traffic To Your Website
  • Get More Enquiries & Customers Instantly
  • Improve Your Sales Conversions
  • Reduced Cost Per Click
  • Increase Return on Investment

Why You Need a Managed PPC Campaign

Reduce Your Cost Per Click

A well optimised, managed PPC campaign will considerably reduce the cost you pay for each click.  By improving every aspect of how your campaign is set up we can achieve a high quality score for each ad and as a result Google will reward you for having relevant ads by reducing the price you pay in the Adwords auction.

Increase Your Ad Position

With a managed PPC Campaign all of your ads will have a high quality score so not only will you be rewarded with a lower cost per click but because your ads are deemed the most relevant to searches your ad position will also improve.  This means you will be paying less per click than a competitor yet still have your ad above theirs.

Track Your Conversions

Tracking the visitors to your site from PPC is crucial to a successful campaign.  You need to know what keywords are working and what keywords are not giving a return and by implementing conversion tracking we know exactly which keywords generated an enquiry to your business.  This also helps in determining the return you are getting for your PPC spend.


Remarket To Site Visitors

A much overlooked yet very valuable aspect of a PPC campaign.  Often people will carry out research and not make their buying decision there and then. With remarketing when someone visits your website from your Ad a special cookie is placed in their browser so that when they browse websites on the internet they will see display ads for your business which may jog their memory and prompt them to return to your website to make an enquiry.

Monthly Reporting

With a managed PPC campaign you will receive a monthly campaign report which details how the campaign is performing.  You will see exactly which keywords are your biggest converters along with a whole host of other information as well as your return on investment for that month.

Monitor & Improve

PPC is not a set it and forget it system and this is a huge mistake some businesses make.  You need to be monitoring your campaign regularly to see what is or isn’t working and make changes accordingly.  You need to constantly split-test everything from your ads to your landing pages to improve your quality score and your conversion rates. We do all this for you every month.

Stop Wasting Your Advertising Budget, Get Expert Help Today

As qualified Google Adwords Professionals we can help you make the most of PPC advertising and ensure it works for your business instead of being an expense.  When done properly, Google Adwords can be one of the most successful advertising platforms for businesses of all sizes and we’re ready to help you achieve success.

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