Online reviews are one of the most important aspects of a business’ online presence with more people than ever checking reviews before making a buying decision.  One bad review can do serious damage to your company so it’s important to manage your reputation online.

Reputation Management Service

Does your business have a negative review online causing you problems?  We all know that it takes years to build a good reputation but one bad review to ruin it.  We can help.

Online reviews have become a major deciding factor for people when looking to make some sort of purchase whether online or offline.  It’s just a fact that with the internet so easily accessible people will check what other people are saying about your business before they deal with you, especially on social media.

If a customer of yours has a bad experience then the one thing they know they can do to make their feelings knows is write a bad review online.  Whether it’s malicious or legitimate the impact on your business is the same, it can seriously damage your business and profits if not addressed quickly.  Even if you have hundreds of positive reviews, that one bad review will almost definitely put some people off doing business with you.

Our Reputation Management service is designed to minimise the visibility (or complete removal) of bad online reviews while putting systems in place to encourage positive reviews.

If you have a problem with negative reviews or simply want to enhance your online reputation then get in touch today for a free consultation and let’s build a 5-star online reputation you can be proud of.

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How Reputation Management Helps Your Business

  • Build Trust With Potential Customers
  • Increase Customer Enquiries
  • Monitor Online Mentions
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Marketing Spend
  • Gain Customer Insights

Why Reputation Management Is Important

Encouraging Positive Reviews

The proactive approach to reputation management is encouraging positive reviews from those customers that are happy with your product or service.  It can often be difficult to ensure someone takes the time to leave you a good review so that’s why we have systems we can put in place to ensure people leave good reviews about their positive experience.

Managing Bad Reviews

The reactive element of reputation management.  We have a system we can put in place to try to prevent bad reviews from going online but if they do then we have methods to deal with it.  If a bad review appears on the first page of search engines when people look for reviews about your business this can be a problem, however we can limit the damage by pushing those reviews to the second page.

Brand Building

In today’s digital world it is important for businesses of all sizes to have a strong presence and brand online.  As part of our reputation management service we work closely with you to ensure you build a strong brand.  We analyse your brand as it is currently and then make suggestions for improvements.

Search Results Clean-Up

There is nothing more damaging to a business than someone searching for reviews of a business and negative reviews appearing on the first page of search results.  One of our core services in our reputation management campaigns is to clean up the first page of search results by pushing these negative reviews to page two and beyond.

Online Property Building

It’s important for a business to have a number of different online properties that show your business in a positive light with good reviews.  Websites such as Tripadvisor, Yelp and Freeindex are just some of the properties you can use to your advantage and we create and build a positive reputation on all of these and more on your behalf.

Helping You Limit The Damage of Bad Online Reviews

With our online expertise and search engine know-how we can help you to minimise the damage even just one bad review can do to your business.  Reviews are only going to play a bigger role in purchase decisions so even if you don’t have bad reviews it’s important to build on the good ones you have and stay ahead of the competition.

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