If you’re unsure what your online presence is like or have no idea where to begin then a good place to start is with our online marketing audits.  We will analyse your business online and provide recommendations for areas of improvement.

Online Marketing Audits

Most businesses know they need to make the transition from traditional advertising to online marketing as their customers buying habits have changed in the last few years.  It’s now easier than ever to find a product or service within a few seconds of making a buying decision thanks to the internet and technology such as mobile phones and tablets.

Having a strong online presence is absolutely crucial to most businesses so it’s important to understand what information there is online about your business, or how your business is doing in an online world.

When you have the right information, it’s much easier to make a decision on where you should concentrate your efforts and this is what our internet marketing audits do.

If you’ve hired a company to do work for you previously and you’re unsure how your business looks online, just get in touch and we can talk you through the process of an online marketing audit and see if it’s suitable for you.


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What Type of Audits Do We Do?

Google Adwords – PPC audits

Full audit of your pay per click campaign.  Did you know that a poorly set up PPC campaign will cost you far more than one set up and optimised properly?  We’ll look at how your campaign is set up including Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads, Quality Scores, Landing Pages and extensions and make suggestions on how you can considerably reduce your cost per click while still improving your Ad position.

SEO Audits

Want to know what you can do to improve your website’s performance in search engines but don’t want to commit to an SEO Campaign?  Our SEO audit will take an in depth look at your website and make suggestions on improvements that can be made. We’ll look at the website coding, URL structure, page speed, linking structure, on-page and off-page SEO and will advise on which changes will give the best immediate results as well as possible linking and content opportunities.

Online Marketing Audit

Our online marketing audit is a complete overview of your business’ online presence.  We will look at every reference to your business online to determine what areas need improving and identify opportunities that will work well for your business.  We look at everything from your website to social media to online reviews and everything in between and report back to you with suggestions on improvements to be made.


PPC Audit
£399+ VAT
  • Complete Audit of PPC Campaign
  • Analyse Wasted Spend
  • Analyse Quality Score
  • Look at Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Audit of Ads
  • Audit of Campaign Setup
  • Analyse Extensions
  • Analyse Remarketing
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SEO Audit
£399+ VAT
  • Website Accessibility Checks
  • Page Speed Testing
  • Internal Linking Audit
  • Website Hierarchy Audit
  • On-Page SEO Audit
  • External Link Analysis
  • Link Opportunity Discovery
  • Target Keyword Analysis
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Online Marketing Audit
£699+ VAT
  • Website Analysis
  • SEO Analysis
  • PPC Analysis
  • Social Media Audit
  • Mobile Audit
  • Business Reference Analysis
  • Reputation Analysis
  • Recommendations For Improvement
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