Most people use a search engine to find a local product or service.  If your competitors are being found above you in the search engines then potential customers will be going to them rather than you .  We can help fix this so that they come to you first.

Local SEO Service

So you’re the best business in your local area at what you do yet it’s your competitors that are getting all the new customers online.

localseoYou’ve probably paid to have a nice website built but are frustrated that it’s not generating new business enquiries for you.

If you’re a business targeting specific geographical areas then just having a website is no longer enough to get new customers online.  When someone is researching a product or service they will go online and carry out a related search – For example, if they need a plumber and are located in Edinburgh they might search for “best plumber in Edinburgh” and then review the results that appear.

If your business isn’t appearing in these results then you are losing business and what you need is a Local Search Engine Optimisation service to improve your local online presence and ensure you bypass the competition at the top of local search results.

This is the ONLY type of marketing that allows you to advertise to someone in the local area at the very moment they are looking for a product or service like yours.  This is critical to local business success.  Are YOU being found?

If you’d prefer instant customers then view our service offering immediate online customers.

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How Can Local SEO Improve Your Business?

  • Rank On The First Page of Search Engine Results
  • Receive More Telephone Enquiries
  • Get More Visitors To Your Website
  • Improve Brand Visibility In Your Local Area
  • Increase Your Revenue & Profits
  • Better ROI Than Traditional Forms of Advertising
  • Be Found Before Your Competitors Online

Why Local SEO is So Important to Your Business

Your Customers Are Looking For You

97% of consumers search for local businesses online.  Let that sink in.

83% of people searching online follow-up their research with an offline action whether it be a visit to the business, a phone call, an email or a direct purchase.

Advertise 24/7

No matter what you do or where you are, you need to be found whenever a potential customer decides to carry out their research.  You no longer need to hope you catch the right person at the right time as is the case with other types of adverstising.  If you have a solid local online presence then you can be found no matter what time of day or night someone carries out research.  People do research at the strangest times!

Your Business is Mobile

Over 50% of ALL Google searches from mobile devices have local intent.

More and more people are using their mobile device when out and about to find local products or services.  Whether they are on a bus, train, lunch break at work or visiting a different city, people turn to their mobile phone when seeking out information.  Local SEO ensures you are being found on mobile searches with local intent.

Laser Targeted Advertising

Local SEO is the most targeted form of advertising.  By appearing first on local search results you are ONLY advertising to those actively seeking your products or services.  You’re not hoping someone notices your ad or reads your blog post at the right time.  No other form of advertising allows you to advertise ONLY to those interested in your offering.  This is super-powerful and cost-effective.

Generate More Leads From Google+ Local

Local Search, compared to un-localised searches, has a much higher conversion rate which means more people make contact with a local business  listed in the Google+ Local section of search results than one they would find in the normal results.  Your contact details are displayed prominently in the Google+ Local section making it super-easy for customers to get in touch or visit you, providing you are the top result!

Helping You Grow Your Business

We have helped businesses achieve local marketing success and we can do the same for you.  With our knowledge, experience and skills, we work with you to ensure you are the go-to business in your industry in your area.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business and Crush The Competition?

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